Friday, February 6, 2009

Possibly My New Home

At the moment, I'm leaning towards San Francisco instead of returning to Los Angeles. I'm just hoping I find a decent apartment that comes with a reasonable price tag! I love S.F cause the weather is perfect for me, kind of cold with sunshine. Plus, there's tons of good looking Asians. And I think San Francisco is very similar to Manhattan, it's just a whole lot cleaner.


Yves said...

I've always wanted to move to Cali

Claudia said...

Aaw you don't know how much I wanna visit America! I'd think a NY life would be perfect for me.. one of my most important dreams is visit New York.. Every time I see some pics of Manhattan, I take a long sigh and sometimes I cry a bit :P

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The 'YE VS THE VOLCANO TOUR has started?!?!?!?