Saturday, January 10, 2009


When I watched "Sex and The City", I was obsessing over the love keychain! I loved Louise's(Jennifer Hudson) character because she reminded me so much of myself. I'm a sucker for love, I love that feeling when I'm in love with that special boy. Anyways, I found the keychain for $11.99! I was blown away because Amazon had it but it was sold out. HBO had it but they were selling it for $64, the same exact thing! The one that Louise has in the movie is made by H.Stern and retails for $6,000 since it's real 18K gold. Plus, it's exclusive so you must go into their store and purchase it in person. 

For more information, click here.

Dear Karen Walker

I'd love it if you had a bigger selection at Barney's Co-Op. It's depressing to see only four different styles at each location I've been to, New York City, Beverly Hills, and San Francisco. My friend Choyce and I would love it if you opened a boutique somewhere in the United States, so we can order you're fabulous, unique sunglasses. Since your shipping cost($60) is a lot for the U.S., I'm not able to order directly from your store. I love that you're prices are reasonable for trendy sunglasses. The case is also fabulous, big and durable! Cannot wait to see 2009's collection.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Sitting On Top Of the World

The gorgeous model Arlenis Sosa attended the Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton Collection celebration at the Bowery Hotel in NYC last night. I loved her outfit, simple but the necklace made a bold statement for the simple black dress. In the last picture, it's Chanel Iman, Mary Alice Stephenson and Arlenis. Also, KiD CuDi performed. It wasn't expected but Jus Ske made it happen!

Watch out for Arlenis Sosa.. She's the "It-Model" for 2009... Landed a huge Lancome gig and I'm sure plenty of more wonderful opportunities will be offered to this Dominican. 
Be on the look out for KiD CuDi too! He's album should be dropping later this year. Download his mix tape for free, here.

UPDATED: Here's a video of KiD CuDi's performance. x LV x Stephen Sprouse x Kid Cudi from ferris bueller on Vimeo.

1/9 Movie Releases

Later on today, I will be going to the movie theatres to watch these two movies! I love Clint Eastwood and he's a great actor so I'm sure this movie will meet my high expectations. Plus, I heard this is his last movie... If that rumor is true, then I'm sadden by it but he does deserve a good break.

Anyone who knows me... Should know by now that I'm a huge Che Guevara fan. I grew up admiring him since I was really young because of my dad. I've read two books about him and the more I learned about him, my admiration for him expanded. I've been waiting for this movie for over a year! Also, it's directed by Steven Soderbergh. I already know it's going to be an awesome movie! Plus, my twin Catalina Sandino Moreno is in it. In high school, I would always get told that we look alike. I still get that comment! *Until this day, I don't think we have any physical similarities.

The books I've heard about Che were "Manifesto: Three Classic Ways To Change The World" and "Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him". Like Santata said, "Che may be dead for you, but he lives in our hearts.. Che is all about love and compassion."

I know this is random but does anyone remembering watching Jay-Z performance on MTV Unplugged in 2001?

V for Vendetta

Finally got my hands on Vendetta!! It's a gorgeous deep purple. It looks different in natural light, it's a really dark purple with shimmer! In sunlight, it seems like a dark midnight blue mixed with purple, the color slightly changes but it's still pretty! For $23, you can purchase this is limited edition CHANEL nail polish for the Spring '09 collection. It might be a sell out like last year's Blue Stain.

It's also available online.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

VIBE's February Issue

Please tell me how dope is this cover? The colors fading was such a great idea. I cannot wait to purchase this today! 

VIA: Bossip

Uh, Thats Going Too Far

Heidi has always been my favorite on "The Hills". I think it's LC who has the problems. Anyways, when I saw her manicure.. I thought it'd be cool to have the logo on one finger(I've seen it before on a lady and it looked cute). But one ALL 5 FINGERS? That's going over board! I bet the SA's from CHANEL were laughing at her! What do you think about her manicure? Is it too much?

BUT. I am curious to know what she purchased at CHANEL. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Sale

Yes, that's right! My brother sent me an e-mail last night regarding the online sale. 25% off! Stock up on your favorites! Click here for the code.

I Don't Think So

Now, I like skateboarding and all but who would pay $8,250 for a Sprouse Louis Vuitton skateboard? Probably Teddy Kennedy or Pharrell. Maybe even Russy Simmons. lol. If so, I hope they save it as a collector's item! Skateboards don't even last that long. I prefer Ice Cream's skateboard but in red! For $55, you can get their signature skateboard deck.

I might just purchase the red one for when I move so I can use it in the warm weather.

- Note: That's Dee, the creative found of the heart legos(Dee&Ricky)!


I'm still blown away how good she looks! I cannot believe that's NeNe Leaks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta! She looks fabulous. Her body, her hair, her face and all the outfits are fab! I like her hair short, she actually looks younger and like a cougar. lol. Whoever that stylist is should get a raise! These are my two favorite photos of her from the photo shoot with famous photograph Derek Blanks(To view all the pictures, click here) Normally, I don't like jeans because I fell like it makes your lower body look bigger. But those jeans are looking good on her! And those Yves Saint Laurent boots! Their to die for! The last outfit is so pretty, it's very summerish. Her body looks like a coke bottle! LOL.

Perfect For My Birthday Brunch

I love everything about this Nanette Lepore  'Swept Away' dress. The color is perfect for my skin color and the bows look so feminine. I really like the cut of the front, I can picture wearing this in New York City in the Spring! But for $395, uh I'd rather find an alternative. 

Dress Responsibly

Every Sunday, I'm anxiously waiting for the new LA Times Image! I remember when I used to live in L.A, I would always pick up Sunday's paper for the cool articles on fashion, art, and retail. This past Sunday, they did a cool article called "20 Ways to Upgrade Your Style" and I find it very accurate and relevant. I thought it was very fansciating because some of the things they suggest to change is so true. They are 100% right about L.A people. My favorite part of the article was about the eyebrows. I love natural eyebrows, they help improve a pretty face. Especially thick ones like Edie Sedgwick's.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ciara Looking Fabulous

When I saw these pictures of Ciara on Young, Black, and Fabulous... I knew I had to post some of the pictures because their so beautiful! Her face, hair, body and outfits are on point. She looks so girly and modern. I'm loving both of these outfits. The boots are my favorite! The heel and the color are just too cute! I want to know what brand they are.

P.S. She's tooooo pretty for 50 Cent.

LV + Kanye

I've been watching this video over and over but it isn't clear enough for me to see the shoes! Plus, I noticed that Kanye walked out with no bags. I find that surprising. I've been trying to figure out if these are one of the shoes he was suppose to design for Louis Vuitton. And in the end, when he says "clothes" for the new year 2009. I wonder if he's talking about Pastelle or interning for a designer? Any updates on Pastelle?


New Music

Now, we haven't heard from Eminem in a long time, so I had high expectations. Sadly, I'm not a fan of his new song "Crack A Bottle" featuring 50 Cent and Dr. Dre. First of all, I do not like the chorus. 50 Cent's verse is not all that. The song is another whack radio song. I want new material that's better than his old album Marshall Mathers LP.

Click here to listen and download the track.

I found this song "Payback" by Kanye West. It never was released! I'm guessing it's old because his voice sounds so young. It's a cool track tho. Click here to download it.


Kate Winslet looks gorgeous on the cover of Feb '09 for United Kingdom's Elle. I don't see her aging at all. "When I grow up, I want to be like her."

- Foudroyant means dazzling.

My New Calendar

When I got home from gym this evening, I noticed a package from The W Hotel! It was my new 2009 Calendar featuring the Council of Fashion Designers of America(CFDA). It's lovely. It's very adorable, perfect size and with a cool little pen. I cannot wait to hang this calendar up!

For more information, click here.

Monday, January 5, 2009

This is Bananas

Are you a Rachel Zoe fan? If so, this is your chance to meet her! The awesome shoe online retailer Piperlime is having a sweepstakes for only lucky winner to hang out in Los Angeles and shop where Rachel shops! Click here to enter!

Imagine going through her closet. I'd D-I-E! I'm sure nothing will fit me but it'd be nice to see what she owns.


I just heard "Bad Girl" by Rihanna featuring Chris Brown. And I actually like it! It's a different vibe from her but it's a cool song. I can hear this in a club or at a party. I'm sure it'll be a hit for her. Click here to download it.

UPDATE: If you're interested in owning a personalized piece by designer Melody Ehsani(She made Rihanna's "Bad" ring, then click here! She has cute things.