Friday, December 12, 2008

Things I'll Be Picking Up After Christmas

I'm literally counting down the days until Thakoon and Hayden-Harnett for Target comes out on December 28th! These are things I will be picking up for sure. I'll put these clothing pieces away until Spring. This is so exciting! I cannot wait to run to the Go-International section and grab everything! Are you excited to see their work at your local Target or even on If so, let me know what you like or will be purchasing yourself!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do Looks Really Matter?

I just don't see Alex dating Madonna.... Madonna is old and well, she's kind of been around. I'm sure Alex had his fun, too but he's just too good looking for her. I think he looks better with Victoria Secret model Melissa Britos. She's cute and young! Maybe I'm just tired of Madonna... I love the woman for her music but she isn't attractive to me. I have noticed that she likes Hispanic men, her daughter's father Carlos is Cuban and Alex is Puerto Rican...


Marriage Seems To Have An Affect On Your Style

Ever since Scarlett Johansson married her gorgeous boy Ryan Reynolds, she's been covering up well. She still looks amazing but you don't see her clevelage as much. Normally, you would look at her chest first then at her face or outfit. Maybe marriage does change your style... Or you have no reason to show off what you have. She's still lovely and so is Eva Mendes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kanye West at Power 106's Cali Christmas

I love you, Kanye. Thank you SO much for last night.

Check out my other videos here. You will also hear my awful voice... Geez, no one ever told me to shut up when I sing.... until that day!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Really Want These For Spring '09

I think these BCBG Maxazria "Garret" shoes would look adorable in my closet. Since I won't be able to wear them until Spring. I recently added these to my Christmas list. I think the color is gorgeous, not a color I would normally go for. But I fell in love. The heel is okay, I've never been a fan of wood looking heels. But this is a must have for my Spring wardrobe! Too bad, the BCBG Maxazria in Fresno doesn't carry these. I must go looking for these when I'm in the city.