Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I'm Looking Forward To

I've been ridiculously busy and stressed out with a whole bunch of B.S. I feel like I've grown up in a few months, weeks, even days. I'm learning while I'm struggling and trying my best to find the best solution for my parents and I. I never thought searching for an apartment can be so difficult; especially in Los Angeles when in 2007 it was so easy when I moved there two weeks after graduating from high school. That's why I haven't put the effort into blogging as I was determined to when I first started it in November. So, I apologize for not updating but I'm back for good.

Any who, April should be a very good interesting month for me. My 20th birthday is coming up, which I'm so stoked for... I'm not sure about going to New York City now because I want am going to London to see Michael Jackson LIVE for the first night of his "This Is It" tour. I'd rather save my pennies for London than going to NYC again within five months. I might see Britney Spear's "Cirus" concert in L.A on my birthday, April 17th. Have you seen those videos from her tour? Badass, I don't care if she's lip-synching; she's dope. I'll also be relocating back to L.A to complete my school in Southern California by the end of this month or early April. I'm looking forward to returning, it should be a good year for me. 

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention. The Italian designer Valentino and his long-time business partner and love have been taping "The Last Emperor" for nearly two years. Once you watch the trailer, you'd be blown away how he's so hands on with his pieces. It's pretty fascinating to see an older designer being so focused on his collections like if it was his first. Check their website out to see when it'll be coming to a major city near you!

P.S. I've been running in 5" heels since 9AM... I don't think my doctor would be happy with this. lol


Teenage Fashion Riot said...

you should come to amsterdam when you're going to london.
Its 1 hour from amsterdam with plain.
hope you have fun, and succes with the whole moving thing

Claudia said...

Hey... Where are you??? I'm missing your posts! It's been a month!