Friday, August 7, 2009

Travel Necessities

L' Occitane
Lavender Harvest Hand Cream 2.6oz
Shampoo Serious Volumizing Shampoo

Minted Rose Lip Balm


(the lip scrub is amazing, works wonders!)

Shea Butter Foot Cream

(The best foot cream in the entire world)
Perfect V-Neck
(I love this color and the white tee's)

I'm going home tomorrow for the first time since I've moved back to L.A. And I realized since I brought everything with me, I have to pack my necessities! Don't ever let me walk into Sephora because I will walk out with a bag filled with goodies. Those GAP v-necks are all-year round for me, they fit perfect. The cotton is so soft on my skin and it's breathable unlike American Apparel. I'm starting my little collection, so far I own five. :) I'm also in love with T by Alexander Wang, they are loose fitting tee's. Which I love for my bum days!

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