Saturday, November 15, 2008

Luxury Brands to Decrease Prices in the U.S *smiling*

Arielle Ankle Boot - $900 at Bergdorf Goodman
CHANEL '09 RTW - Denisa Dvorakova(ELITE)

Isn't THIS exciting? Well, in a way it is. The Wall Street Journal posted this article on their website.

I've been wanting the classic CHANEL Red Reissue with aged gold hardware in a jumbo size and their relaunching it for the Spring Collection '09! Sadly, there is a wait-list at every CHANEL boutique that I've contacted and every major department store. My friend Choyce and I are always talking about how these classic luxury brands always increase their prices, Louis Vuitton, CHANEL, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Lanvin, etc. I guess those who are loyal customers are pleased with the prices because the value never goes down. I'm somewhat excited because it will be slightly cheaper(10-7% off regular price). I also called and asked the Chanel boutique in San Francisco, the SA said only certain merchandise will be reduce.

Let me know if you purchased anything recently and if it was slightly less than regular price!

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