Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Really Want These For Spring '09

I think these BCBG Maxazria "Garret" shoes would look adorable in my closet. Since I won't be able to wear them until Spring. I recently added these to my Christmas list. I think the color is gorgeous, not a color I would normally go for. But I fell in love. The heel is okay, I've never been a fan of wood looking heels. But this is a must have for my Spring wardrobe! Too bad, the BCBG Maxazria in Fresno doesn't carry these. I must go looking for these when I'm in the city.


Marisa said...

Ah those are amazing! I love BCBG. Good taste. <3
Yes third eye blind is sort of a rock band..There not very hardcore or anything but good.
I'm having a super super hard time deciding where to go for school and what to major in. Like I know I have time to decide, but I want to get at least a couple of options, you know? I'm debating between English and fashion merch. By the way thank you for the advice about journalism vs. English degree... that was super helpful!!!

Hope all is well.

Amanda Allison said...

Those are fabulous. I'm feeling the color a lot.

Tuesdai said...

Hi Denise :O)

Of course to me, PINK is like the BEST & playfully gorgeous colour on the I'm definitely LUVIN the wholeeeee style & design.

I'm not much of a "shoe girl" as I am a "purse chick", I believe I have about 100purses...mostly "Coach": one of my favorite designers besides; Lisa Ho, Alan Del Rosario, Jeremy Scott & Marc Jacobs. I ADORE fashion that speaks with unique character & personality :O)