Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa, Please Bring Me This!

When I saw these at Macy's a while ago, I really did think they were hideous. But I just saw them in a magazine and changed my opinion... I'm IN love. Now their 5 inch heels, not sure how I will manage to be walking around in these. But I'll manage. I'm also surprised that their by Jessica Simpson. Whoever is designing her new collection, their stepping their game up. 

I just told my mom about them, and I'm hoping to get these with the Bebe Black Pumps, I also asked for!

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

At first glance I think they look pretty funky, but a lot of designers have started to use similar techniques to designing shoes and I guess it's something to just get used to. I can just imagine that these would be hell to walk in :D

Merry Christmas! hope you get your beloved shoes :))