Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lusting Over Chanel La Collection Paris Moscou

I just ordered this. I've been calling a few stores including the local Macy's here. But no store knows about this? And I called a two Chanel boutiques, apparently this isn't even in their "product book", I would assume SA's should been knowledgeable about everything that's Chanel. Hm. I'm looking forward to receiving this and I'm having high hopes so they better be fabulous! I'm sure they are.. Karl is fab, himself.

For more information, check out the collection here.


Anonymous said...

what a great pick of colours! all very wintery, yet eyecatching and rich in colour. I myself have had Chanel nailpolishes, and to my surprise they weren't all that great - they seemed very watery and took a long time to dry. However this was some time ago, hope they've changed since then!
I especially like the first, goldish brown colour.

Moi said...

Ooo those are gorgeous! Unfortunately most of the nailpolish colors i have are just cheap shades of pink from CVS haha
(since i play the guitar so much, attempting to do anything to my fingernails is kind of pointless since it all chips off anyway.)