Tuesday, November 25, 2008


is hard sometimes. I've had more downs than ups this year. Why can't things just go the way I planned? Now I have to wait until April to relocate and return back to FIDM. I will be a bum for four months. I am too stressed to sleep, I don't even think about sleep as I used to. My diet has been very poor, I have no appetite to eat due to everything that's happening. Working out has became my best friend. I really don't care for the Holidays. My parents and I still aren't on speaking terms, even my mother.... I never realized but I'd rather have my parents attention, then their credit cards.

The only thing that makes me happy at the moment are my material things, my books, magazines, "808 & Heartbreak"(the soundtrack of MY life), "I Am...Sasha Fierce" and friends. And material things have NEVER made me happy only after I purchase them. I think I need to get away. I'd love to just be able to fly to New York City right now when round-trip tickets are $248 but sadly, I have no funds for that.

Life really is tough, sometimes.

"I’ll be stuck with a sister her name is defeat
She gives me agony so much agony
She brings me so much pain
So much misery like missing your last shot and falling to your knees."
- History by Jay-Z

Sue London flats prices vary.
The ones I purchased from Barneys were $180.
Online their $134 & $148. - slighty cheaper, plus no shipping fee!


Anonymous said...

Lots of respect for staying strong. When times are hard for me, I definitely believe in "when words fail...music speaks" as you already showed with the lyrics.
I know how it feels to feel alone, if that's similar to how you feel. Recently my parents divorced and it's hard accepting my dad's new girlfriend and living without my mother. You're not alone out there.
Stay tough and fight,
your blog is amazing!

Mei-Li said...

I think right now we're peas from the same pod. I'm here if you need some support. Honestly we are not the only ones who have this prob with stop and go FIDM. LOL we should start a support group!

Amanda Allison said...

You know I'm always here for you girl <3