Sunday, November 23, 2008

Very Psyched About

I'm actually pretty excited for this campaign! I've always been a fan of Katie Holmes and I think now, she has great European style. She knows how to play it down and up for events. I think it's going to be different for Miu Miu since they used celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Drew Berrymore and Kristin Dunst. Katie is very classic and modern compared to those young scarlets. But maybe Miu Miu wants to go down another direction? I sure hope so. Since Katie attracts a whole different audience, maybe they want to market to those 27+ year olds and mothers who love fashion. I like the brand and especially, their handbags. But I never really cared for their advertisement, they don't make me stare at the ad for 2 mins like others, lol. I think Katie will do a great job, she's fab!

Isn't she soo naturally pretty?


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Miss Mandy V. said...

I heard about this. I'm not sure how I feel, though. I'll wait until the campaign airs before I make any judgments. I'm sure it will be better than Kristen's ad...hated those.