Sunday, November 23, 2008

These Make My Feet Happy

I will refuse to buy any other flats but Sue London! I love them. I thank my friend Jhalani for introducing me to them a few years ago, which I should have listened and purchased them then! But my feet are so happy when I wear my Sue Londons. Their so adorable and comfortable. They come in such pretty colors, wearable all year-round. I also recall when Whitney(The Hills, Season 2) mentions Sue Londons to Lisa Love and Andre Leon Tally when their trying out dresses for the Pre-Emmys show. I recommend these flats to everyone. For the price, they really are worth it. Their customer service is BEYOND great. They helped me find a pair when I was in NYC and called Barneys for me and told them to save the pair for me. When I e-mail them regarding a color or how they fit, they responded back within a few hours. They personally called me to let me know that my items were shipped and told me when the arrival date. When my flats arrived, I also got a personal letter from Sue London! Do they even send personal thank you letters, now days?

The colors that I own are Tabac and Rhein. I cannot wait to expand my Sue London collection!

Check out Sue London.


Anonymous said...

They look great! I love flats as they are so versatile, work with pretty much everything. How much did you pay for those? And do you happen to know if they're available to buy in Europe?

Miss Mandy V. said...

Yeah, how much did they cost? You know I'm a sucker for flats. They looked so cute on you!