Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Jay<3

Happy birthday Jay. I hope you have an amazing day with uh, Bey. May all your wishes come true.(Even tho you can get whatever your heart desires) One day, I will meet you and tell you how amazing you are to me. And how we should of been together, but it's okay cause I like Bey. Happy birthday love!

It's also Tyra Bank's birthday!

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Marisa said...

Yeah I did know that about Oscar! That's part of the reason I love him, my favorite designer by far, I also idolize him. His creations are all beautiful.

Well, i've got to say it: I really look up to you. Maybe that's weird since i've never met you. But, your goals are inspiring. Who knows, maybe one day we'll work together.

I'm not exactly sure what I would like to do right now, I'm thinking I will most likley major in fashion merchandising. My dream job would be one of the four:
a stylist, personal or otherwise.
fashion magazine editor, maybe with my own column on international fashions?
a womens fashion buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue or Barneys
Or work in some way for Express or Armani Exchange, my favorite stores.

Haha it's a wide range of things, I know. Any advice?