Monday, December 1, 2008

"I Go Through Life Like a Karate Kid"

YAY! Britney's tour will be in California for my birthday(April 17) week! I haven't yet decided where I'd like to see her. I'd love to see her in L.A but then I prefer smaller arenas. Has anyone ever been to the San Jose HP Pavillion or at the Sacramento Arco Arena? The Staples Center is a little too big for concerts, I think so. But I'm just too excited cause NO MATTER, I will be there singing and dancing to Britney & The Pussycat Dolls!

THANK YOU BRITNEY! I've missed you! This will be the BEST birthday ever, hands down.(I have make up for this past birthday.)

REMEMBER to purchase "Circus" TODAY! And Happy birthday, Britney!

Two of my idols:)


Jarrett Shaw said...

yeah I'm siked, I hope he puts a lot of time into it. I was watching his NZ interview yesterday and he said he wants to make sure everything is perfect he doesn't just wanna throw it out there. So thats good to know.

and hmm I have myspace but I never use it..
This is an awfully annoying way to talk back and forth though haha

Jarrett Shaw said...
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Anonymous said...

So nice to see that britney is back on her feet again.. I've always been suporting her, and she's proof that so much can change in just a single year. hooray!

Amanda Allison said...

I've been to both arenas. They're alright. I say no matter where you decide to see her you'll enjoy a great show (lip syncing and all), lol I love Britney but I just wish she would sing LIVE more often!