Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Penelope Cruz looks so gorgeous in this CHANEL suit. She looks so modern! She reminds me of Audrey Tatou, the actress who played Coco in the Coco Chanel movie on Lifetime. The hat, the tights and the black pumps are perfect for her look. She's a pretty girl with the perfect eyebrows.


Jarrett Shaw said...

Yeah she does look very nice.

K, so I got AIM. My screen name is JarrettShaww .. 2 w's lol

I have no clue how to add you though :(

Amanda Allison said...

Wow. She does reminds me of the actress from the Chanel movie. The hat and the style of her hair are DEAD ON with Audrey's in the movie. The suit is so fabulous. White & black, doesn't get any better than that color combo.