Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! 
I hope you have a lovely fun night. Be careful if you're drinking!
I'm looking forward to 2009. I had a good year, had tons of up and downs but by far, it was all life changing.

My new year resolution is: not to eat red meat.

- I thought some of these were pretty neat and relevant to me since I'd like to do a few changes.

Vera Wang, designer
“Work more and work out more.”

Venus Williams, tennis player
“I think it’s time to give up leggings and add more prints to my closet in 2009. I also think it’s time for more accessories, but I want to avoid those big chunky pieces.”

Chanel Iman, model
“Step back into my closet and re-create the things I haven’t worn in a while and do wardrobe swaps with my friends. After the swap, you can go shopping for that one item that will make the trade pop. It’s kind of a green way to go.”

Plum Sykes, contributing editor, Vogue
“Find more multitasking accessories. My new thing is a diamond clip from the thirties that my husband is hoping to get at auction for my birthday. You can wear it as a brooch, as two clips on shoulders, or in your hair. I am also giving up anything It. It bags, It shoes—it all seems so outdated. It girls, however, are always in.”

Lisa Mayock, designer, Vena Cava
“Learn Spanish. Or at least start.”

Maria Cornejo, designer
“I just discovered wheatgrass shots. I take them whenever I’m feeling run-down and need some vitamins.”

Coco Rocha, model
“Wear more jackets. This is the time to bundle up, and a girl cannot have too many coats because it is what you are seen most in during the winter season.”

Marina Rust, contributing editor, Vogue
“I know if I squeeze a lemon into a cup of hot water and honey every morning I will actually feel and look better. Maybe this year I will remember to do it.”

Tory Burch, designer
“Keep things in perspective and not sweat the small stuff. I always try to focus on the big picture and remember if my family is happy and healthy, nothing is worth getting too stressed about.”

Sarah Mower, contributing editor, Vogue
“Ask not what your country can do for you. You can be just perfect-looking, but if you’re not contributing something worthwhile, however small, how can you feel good about yourself?”

Jenna Lyons, creative director, J.Crew
“It’s time to give up froufrou and add more menswear tailoring, nude, caramel, buff, gray, and a touch of neon…and, if I were ten years younger, a jumpsuit!”

Maria Sharapova, tennis player
“I’m all about costume jewelry pieces for the new year—something that’s vintage-inspired or just a classic big Frank Gehry for Tiffany cuff bracelet to add to a black dress or a Temperley tailored jacket.”

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