Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Thoughts

Hustler Watch: Kid Cudi from Eighty81 on Vimeo.
When I watched this video, I gained more respect for Kid CuDi. He's just an average joe who moved to NYC at age 20 to accomplish his dreams. So he inspired me to make a goal.
- By age 20, I WILL be living in NYC. I don't want to waste time.:)

The Spring '09 ads for Chanel are so classy.  The images and color palettes used in the ads definitely go well with the Spring 2009 looks. Karl used the model Heidi Mount again, she was the model for the 2008 Resort.

For Christmas, I asked my mom to get me this Jumbo Chanel handbag. But now, I don't want in red. I think I'd prefer black since Chanel's main colors are black & white!

And.... I'm obsessed with Lookbook!

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Claudia said...

Hey I'm Claudia! I'm ClaudiaTheRoc from KanyeUniverseCity, and I found your blog among Tuesdai's followers! I'm glad to see you love fashion, because I do too :) and I'll finally have a nice blog to read and follow!
BTW I love Chanel.. I think that a BLACK Chanel bag would be perfect for Christmas! When I grow up I'm surely gonna get a black 2.55.. because I'm still little for it! :(
xoxo Clau :D