Friday, January 2, 2009


Kate Hudson looks so pretty on the Feb. '09 issue for Elle. I love that their covers are not boring like, um Vogue! The celebrity/model is actually doing a pose or having fun with the camera. I cannot wait to see this issue, seems very interesting!


Tuesdai said...

Happy New Year Denise!

Flawless conver indeed :O). To me, vogue usually has very lovely & luminous spreads of their magazine cover.

Though, I'm in LOVE with W magazine, their writers & features are always so well-written: short, exciting, convincing & straight to the point. I HATE ramble on articles & stories, without meaning.

Tuesdai said...

...well maybe not luminous spreads, I'll replace luminous with sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

Ahh. I love the colors they used for this cover- so much life. And Kate Hudson looks so happy and energetic. Can't wait to buy!

Happy new year btw. :)