Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ciara Looking Fabulous

When I saw these pictures of Ciara on Young, Black, and Fabulous... I knew I had to post some of the pictures because their so beautiful! Her face, hair, body and outfits are on point. She looks so girly and modern. I'm loving both of these outfits. The boots are my favorite! The heel and the color are just too cute! I want to know what brand they are.

P.S. She's tooooo pretty for 50 Cent.


The DIVA said...

"P.S. She's tooooo pretty for 50 Cent."

LMAO If your ugly in hollywood that isn't a facture when somone have money, look at Jay-z

Yeah Ciara do look great in that outfit!

Amanda Allison said...

I beg to differ... Jay-Z is handsome!

Scoot said...

Cee Cee is my wifey lol!

Trina said...

I agree with the DIVA!
LMAO @ Jay-Z is handsome, everybody have a certain eye when it come to looks I guess, he is nowhere close to handsome, fine, cute more like super ugly!