Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Don't Think So

Now, I like skateboarding and all but who would pay $8,250 for a Sprouse Louis Vuitton skateboard? Probably Teddy Kennedy or Pharrell. Maybe even Russy Simmons. lol. If so, I hope they save it as a collector's item! Skateboards don't even last that long. I prefer Ice Cream's skateboard but in red! For $55, you can get their signature skateboard deck.

I might just purchase the red one for when I move so I can use it in the warm weather.

- Note: That's Dee, the creative found of the heart legos(Dee&Ricky)!


Scoot said...

where can i get a brooch?

Amanda Allison said...

lol, I saw this skateboard yesterday and thought "Dope!" Then I realized who would really want a board for 8 grand? Pharrell would probably get a discount!

Anonymous said...

As a design, it looks cool. Maybe if you keep it as a collectors item and u have the money to spend on it... But I don't really understand, who buys LV skateboards, Chanel surfboards [December or January Elle] or Chanel dumbells.. Come on.

Claudia said...

Mmm.. I hate when Louis Vuitton do these kinds of things.. I mean, a skateboard! All Vuitton's allure fades away.. Chanel, for example, doesn't make skateboars, that's another reason why it is still respectable!