Tuesday, January 20, 2009

C'mon Kanye

How can Ferrari(his barber) let you go out like this? I hate the mullet, it looks like a hot mess! But I have to say, he gave a good performance. Touch the Sky was my favorite because that's what Obama did for this election. I'm mad at MTV for cutting him off and not showing his "Love Lockdown" performance.

Do you like Kanye's mullet? Good performance? Who was your favorite performer?

Here's Jay-Z's performance.


Elise. said...

didnt see ye.
i boo-hoo'd right along with jay during his.
wish i could watch it again. its not showing up on here..
as far is kanyes hair..i mean its suitable for his personality. not neccesarily "cute" but its accepted.

Claudia said...

:O I didn't see his performance! Didn't know anything about it! Aaaww :(

I didn't understand.. You mean that you don't like his hair? :P

Claudia said...

Yeah you were talking about his hair. I completely agree with you! Kanye's so cool, stylish, smart.. but WTF!

Scoot said...

here we go with that red Mic agen... lol am i the only 1 that thinks it looksz stupid??

Anonymous said...


What the fuck died on his head?!? Who told him he was cute enough to rock this out?!? (Wrong!)

I like "Touch The Sky" but I was HIGHLY upset at Young Jeezy and Jay Z video when they kept repeating the "n" word....Not cool....:)