Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kanye's Collaboration with Louis Vuitton

About time, we get a preview of the Kanye West for Louis Vuitton' shoes. I really want to know the price range for these shoes. He's coming out with 6 different styles, which we've seen 4 already(Kanye's blog). I personally do not like them. I expected more details on the shoes. I must say the red low top model is my favorite tho, the color is nice. It's pretty rare to find an all red shoe. The high-tops are just TOO much. The straps remind me of Fila's, and the pink sole; I'm just not feeling them. I hope that style comes in different colors also. I was reading and supposly these shoes will cost over $800 but under $1,300. What do you think of Kanye's designs? Will you be purchasing a pair or two?

* Wears Wear Daily also interviewed Kanye's West after the Louis Vuitton show, click here to check out the interview!

UPDATE: Women's Collection.
Not feeling the purple and pink ones. But the off-white ones are pretty nice, I like the bear on the shoe laces! Ladies, are you feeling these sneakers?


Anonymous said...

I agree, Denise...I don't like them at all....Too much red, too much like FILA, to little detail.....He wants us to buy them when we can get the bootleg on the streets?!?


Claudia said...

$800-$1300? Oh God, I'm gonna faint.. :S
You know what? I'm really into these red ones. I thought about it, and I don't really like the white ones. They're just too plain and not so original, you know, I'd buy them only if I had billion dollars to spend! But I'd personally buy these red ones, and I like red :D
I don't really like the ones with the pink sole, instead. I think the same as the white ones.

Amanda Allison said...

I like the choice of colors, but am not feeling the design of the shoe...and it pains me to say that because you know I heart Louis.

I'll just stick with my black & pink S. Carter's.