Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tomorrow is The Important Day

I'm very anxious to see the beginning of the Inauguration and I'm very sad that I'm not able to be there to be apart of this historical event. This will be the highlight of my year, I've been waiting for this since I finished reading the book "Dreams From My Father". This means a lot to me because I've been ready for change since 2004.

I hope your are planning on watching, DVRing, and remembering it. I know I am!

Good-bye Mr.Bush and I hope your brother doesn't plan on running for president...

P.S. I'm SO excited to see what Mrs. Obama is going to wear!


Yves said...

lol George Bush Sr. already said he'd like to see Jeb be president one day, let's hope that doesnt happen.

Claudia said...

I wish I saw it.. There was nothing about it on Italian channels, I guess.. Maybe I just missed it. Anyway tonight I'm gonna whatch his speech on MTV :)

What did Michelle wear? :)

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