Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All I Want for My Birthday Is: Britney Spears

I think April 17th, 2009 was added to her Circus Tour for a reason... because it's my birthday that day!(It wasn't added until recently) I wanted to attend her show but tickets sold out too fast and I don't attend shows unless I have good seating. After watching this clip of her rehearsing, I'm really thinking about attending her show and NOT going to New York City for my birthday weekend. Coachella? It's out of my plans. Their line-up isn't impressive now.

Charles, I'd love you x10 more if you can get me some tickets. :)

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Claudia said...

Wow.. Actually it looks fantastic! I'm not really into Britney Spears, but the performance seems great and inspiring! But.. you've never visited NYC, right? I'm a "fan" of New York too, and I'd like to spend my 18th birthday there! But you got to decide what's most important for you! If I had to choose among a trip to NYC and a Kanye's concert (with a good seating of course) I'd choose the concert.. I mean, when you get older maybe you'll have more possibilities to visit New York. Yu can't see Britney whenever you want!