Monday, March 2, 2009

Storytellers: Kanye West MP3's

Who didn't love how he mixed the new songs? Well, click here to download the live performances. "Love Lockdown" wasn't shown on television but it was probably the best performance! These songs are a must-have for any Kanye West fan. Too bad, "Go Hard", "Paranoid" and "Street Lights" weren't televised. Those were my favorite performances. Enjoy!


marty said...

Incredible, I think Kanye should just release the live recordings instead of studio in the future, they always sound ten times better lol.
I have to agree about love lockdown as well, I loved the new synth's that were incorporated.
I read somewhere about the similarities it contained with "in the air tonight" by phil collins, just had the same vibe , kinda sucks that it was never shown.

Juan said...

wow thanks for this

wetheroses said...

What's up denise_islove? I'm surprised someone actually won one those contests, glad it was you! Let me know if you find any of the performances VH1 left out. Thanks for the DL link and cute blog by the way, I just added it to my favorites :)~

B.Hessing said...

Kanye is a genius, that's why i think many had a hard time transitioning to his new album. I caught his GITD show in Oklahoma City and that's when i realized he was the hardest working man in the industry. No one really can tell him anything. Still think he's dressing weird these days though