Sunday, March 1, 2009

Top Models

The soon-to-be "It Girl" of 2009, Arlenis Sosa. I remember writing about her in late November and now she was all over New York Fashion Week 2009 and I'm sure she's booked for the entire year. Oscar de La Renta considers her his muse and took her under his wing. Not to mention, her advertisements for Lancome were simply beautiful! Her accent makes her even more adorable.

Another model whose rising to the top is Sessilee Lopez! She was on the cover of Italian Vogue's All Black Issue. Also rumored to be dating Kanye West late last year because of this "Flashing Lights" video. She's all over your local GAP store, too. The reason I had to also write about her because I love her new advertisement pages for the Vogue Nippon Issue and guess what it's called? FLASHING LIGHTS!

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