Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Best Early Thanksgiving Gift EVER

This just made my heart jump! Adding Lupe, T-Pain and Fab is brilliant! Don't really care for the other artists and Busta... Unless, he performs his old tracks then I'm hyped about his performance! I just hope this doesn't make T.I.'s and Kanye's performance shorter cause that would suck. I cannot wait to see T.I live.. I've never seen him in concert before so I've been listening to "Paper Trail" and his old songs to prepare myself! And of course, I've been listening to Kanye and I'm ready for "808 & Heartbreaks"! Imagine, if Jay-Z showed up..... I'd D-I-E! What if Lil' Wayne pops up to perform "Swagger Like Us" or "Tell Everyone That You Know"? That'd be awesome! I will make sure I know all the lyrics to each of Kanye's songs... 12/11, you better get ready for me!

L.A, here I come! I know you missed... Even tho, we had a love/hate relationship.
I hope I'm able to see my BFF Choyce.. I miss ya, luv!

I'm also excited to stay at the new Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. Never stayed there but from what I read, it's real nice. It better be for being ranked #4 in Los Angeles.. Let me know if you've stayed there before, I'd love to know!

Located on N. Highland

If your interested in attending purchase your tickets on, Ticketmaster or Live Nation.


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Miss Mandy V. said...

OMG if Jay shows up, you know you HAVE to call me right then and there!!! After the tears of course..