Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Impressive: CHANEL Globe Earrings

WOW.... Those earrings added GLAM to that simple beautiful Rock & Republic dress. I personally wouldn't wear them just because I'm more simple... But those earrings are very nice! It says KARL all over them! Only he would.... I wonder how much these earrings cost. Definitely not $300. Maybe slightly under $2,000? I'm sure you must be on the wait-list for these babies... Anyways, Beyonce is on top of her game. Her album was just released(hopefully sales are high) and she was looking gorgeous at Gotham Magazine's Annual Gala in NYC last night. But where's Jay, Bey???? 
I'm starting to think that Beyonce is near perfection...

Those CHANEL Globe Earrings cost $3,000. Whoa. Must be from The ULTRA Fine Jewelry Collection that recently came out.


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