Friday, November 21, 2008

Kanye's 808 & Heartbreak

Click here to listen to the AMAZING "808 & Heartbreak".
*you must click on the album cover picture & all the songs will show up.

I got the e-mail around 6pm and I've been waiting ever since. I am so looking forward to
 purchasing this album. It's incredible! It's very different from his rapping style but it's such a good change for him. It suits him well and he does a good job at it. Make sure to listen to the entire album! Some of the songs that got leaked have been changed and updated.

My favorite songs are:
Robocop, Street Lights, Bad News, Pinocchino Freestyle, Amazing & Heartless.

Here is the retail packaging for the album.
This has always been my favorite picture of Kanye and his lovely mother.
After winning several Grammys in 2006.

This hit me when I saw it.. Ms.Donda West, I know you're so proud of your son. :(



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Miss Mandy V. said...

I'm going to listen to it RIGHT NOW!