Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Okay, so when I saw this I was screaming my lungs out but quietly(I was in class). I want this bag so bad! I've been wanting the clutch....since I saw it before it even came out! Now I want this! And it's on Bluefly for $200 off. It'd be perfect for a school bag or a travel bag!

* Also available in Black Patent leather.

This clutch comes in ivory, silver and gold also. I believe the silver and gold were limited edition. I reallllllllllllly want this. I think I've been impatient for a good while, please Santa I want this!


Miss Mandy V. said...

OMG! That clutch...I want it, too! We should do a gift exchange. I get you YSL and you get me Marc! lol

Craigjc said...

Get that bag!
Love the blog, btw.


I am Jwork said...

So you love fashion also, come chekc out my blog