Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dee & Ricky

These two young designers Dee & Ricky are known for the Lego Heart and other Lego pieces that were featured in the Marc Jacobs Runway Show in 2007 for NYC Fashion Week. It's sometimes rare to see street wear mixed high-end contemporary but it's fun! It's fresh and young. I'd love to see another collab with urban wear!

Since I'm lucky to own a Lego Heart(thank you Ric!), I thought I'd share my love for these pieces and the designers. It's a cool pin that is very street wear but it looks good with almost anything! Its stuck on my leather jacket cause it looks fab! I recently wore my Alice + Olivia boots and I was wearing my heart.. And everyone loved it! But I loved my outfit a little

The Lego Heart has been seen on Kanye West and Travis McCoy(vocalist for Gym Class Heroes) as seen on Concrete Loop. And Travis just made a post about the twins on his blog!.


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